Appendix BUnicode Character Classes

The following table, reproduced from the Unicode Character Database for Unicode version 15.0.0, lists all of the supported character classes.

These are the character classes supported by CoffeeFilter in Invisible XML. They are reproduced here for convenience.

Table B.1Unicode 15.0.0 Character Classes
Luan uppercase letter
Lla lowercase letter
Lta digraphic character, with first part uppercase
LCLu | Ll | Lt
Lma modifier letter
Loother letters, including syllables and ideographs
LLu | Ll | Lt | Lm | Lo
Mna nonspacing combining mark (zero advance width)
Mca spacing combining mark (positive advance width)
Mean enclosing combining mark
MMn | Mc | Me
Nda decimal digit
Nla letterlike numeric character
Noa numeric character of other type
NNd | Nl | No
Pca connecting punctuation mark, like a tie
Pda dash or hyphen punctuation mark
Psan opening punctuation mark (of a pair)
Pea closing punctuation mark (of a pair)
Pian initial quotation mark
Pfa final quotation mark
Poa punctuation mark of other type
PPc | Pd | Ps | Pe | Pi | Pf | Po
Sma symbol of mathematical use
Sca currency sign
Ska non-letterlike modifier symbol
Soa symbol of other type
SSm | Sc | Sk | So
Zsa space character (of various non-zero widths)
ZZs | Zl | Zp
Cca C0 or C1 control code
Cfa format control character
Csa surrogate code point
Coa private-use character
Cna reserved unassigned code point or a noncharacter
CCc | Cf | Cs | Co | Cn